What is the Integris Secured Credit Fund?
Integris Secured Credit Fund offers accredited investors an opportunity to invest in a collateralized note that will earn them passive income via a fixed annual interest rate of 12 percent, paid quarterly.1 Return of investor capital will be realized by June 1, 2024, the maturity date of the fund.2

Why is it called a “secured credit” fund?
Investments are collateralized by a pledge of interests in promote distributions tied to two real estate ventures, with an estimated value of $17.8 million – more than twice the total of the $8.5 million in equity being raised by the fund.3

Is Integris Secured Credit Fund a short-term investment?
Definitions of short-term offerings vary. This particular fund has a 24-month term.

What is the intended use of the capital being raised by the fund?
The fund is raising capital to finance the acquisition or management of real estate assets and other corporate operations.

Is the 12% annual interest rate a targeted internal rate of return (IRR)?
No, IRR, or internal rate of return, is a term used in some real estate investments that reflects a calculated return before any fees or expenses of the fund are included. The “annual interest rate” expressed for the Integris Secured Credit Fund is the actual amount we intend to pay investors.

What type of investment is this? Is this similar to a bond note, I Bond or CD?
The Integris Secured Credit Fund is a Private Placement sometimes referred to as a Private Real Estate Offering and as such information about the fund and risks are contained in the PPM. The offering is not a CD, Money Market, REIT or Government Bond.

What is the term of this investment?
The maturity date of this investment is June 1, 2024.

Are there any fees or expenses associated with the investment?
The Integris Secure Credit Fund has no upfront sales charge, nor does it charge any fees or expenses to investors.

When will investors’ capital investment be returned?
The maturity date of the Integris Secured Credit Fund is June 1, 2024, at which point the capital invested will be returned to investors.

How long has Integris been in business? What is the track record of Integris?
Integris and its affiliated companies have a 30-year history4 and track record of serving individual and institutional investors. A detailed track record is available within the Integris Secured Credit Fund private placement memorandum, which all prospective investors should review thoroughly.

Will I receive a 1099 or K-1 for my taxes?
The Integris Secured Credit Fund will issue a K-1.

112% per annum, non-compounded, payable no less frequently than quarterly. First payments commencing with the period ending on September 30, 2022.
2 The loans are secured by a collateral package consisting of a pledge of interests in certain promote distributions associated with two real estate ventures. Internally created by management based on assumptions they believe are correct. Please refer to PPM for details of the net present value calculation.
3According to Bankrate.com, as of June 20, 2022.
4As of June 30, 2021. See Private Placement Memorandum for complete track record. Full-cycle assets include land hard and loan assets, and commercial hard and loan assets. 1992-present as Asset Recovery Fund, Eastbridge Partners and Shopoff Realty Investments (formerly known as The Shopoff Group). William Shopoff is the Founder and Principal of all these entities. Performance has varied in this time frame with certain offerings having generated losses that are detailed in the track record. Past performance is not indicative of future results.