• 10% Annual Fixed Interest Rate
    Payable Quarterly 1
  • 24-Month Term

Term subject to Change

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(1) 10% per annum, non-compounded, payable no less frequently than quarterly. First payments commencing with the period ending on September 30, 2022. (2) 24 Months or less term. May be prepaid at the Manager’s discretion. (If prepayment occurs within 9 months of the Offering Termination date, Investors are entitled to payment as if the note was repaid 9 months after the Offering Termination date.)

(3) The most common definition of accredited investor is someone who makes $200k a year, $300k jointly with their spouse, or has $1m in net worth apart from their primary residence.

For accredited investors only. This information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security by any person in any jurisdiction. Offers and sales shall be made only to persons who qualify as accredited investors under applicable U.S. federal law and only pursuant to a confidential offering memorandum (the “Memorandum”) and subscription documents setting forth definitive terms of each investment opportunity. An investment in a Limited Liability Company involves a high degree of risk and is speculative as described in detail the Memorandum for each investment opportunity, including the possible loss of your investment, and is illiquid with an uncertain liquidity date. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Securities offered through Shopoff Securities, Inc., member FINRA / SIPC.